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Post by DMNira on Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:31 pm

The Lunar Theocracy stood strong for 500 years under the wise rule of High Priest Garold Lemar. During his rule the tendrils of  the Lunar Theocracy spread far and wide only stopping its advances at the borders of the Ryhulan Theocracy (kingdom of the sun)  at its western boarders. One day the Moon fully eclipsed the sun the Ryhulans took great offense and demanded an apology from Lunar, when none was received they struck Lunar with a force never before seen, slaughtering all that they found. The state of Lunar was no more.

You are what remains of the once glorious Lunar Theocracy, forced into banditry and misdeeds to survive.

Can you reclaim what was lost?

The Lunar Theocracy was a warlike expansionist state.
Peasantry were disarmed and not allowed to carry weapons.
The first son of a family always inherited all of his fathers lands, regardless of ability or skill.
The second born and beyond where encouraged to join the army, after serving a term of 5 or more years they receive a portion of the lands conquered during their time serving to work for themselves.
This also encouraged women to pick husbands that were firstborns or had served in the army.
The culture itself was also very conservative.
Anyone found to have magic or magical abilities were automatically inducted into the clergy.
Taxes were very high but were hardest on the farmers (but still allowed them to survive with modest comfort and even buy medicines and small luxuries during good times) and least hard on the merchants and wealthy.
There were no true 'nobles' just powerful military men that had been on very successful campaigns.
The ruling cast where the High priest and his daughter Cassandra. Cassandra had 4 children: Mark, Mori, Sarah, Christine (in that order) The bodies of the children have not been recovered.

The lands of the lunar theocracy primarily produce wheat, apples and wool.
Iron and steel are usually imported from the nearby dwarven kingdom of Kjera.

The Kingdom of Ryhula was primarily merchant and did not have an army and when they needed a military presence they usually hired the Lunar Theocracy.
When they attacked they had hired any group of militants they could get their hands on, including Frost giants, Orcs, Dwarves and Elves. The army performed a blitz quickly picking apart the military outposts and slaughtering any civilians causing the defending army and its citizens to retreat to the main city where Ryhula paid a powerful wizard from Lovitt to sink the walls into the ground.

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