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Meet brutas smith

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Meet brutas smith

Post by GmLewis on Sun Jun 19, 2016 4:26 am

Brutas stands rather short man at 5,7 with a balding spot in his hair and big bushy mustache and annoyed and distant glare on his face most of the time brutas works as a bartender in his spare time now that the war is over and hates ever second of it serveing these sun worshiping fuckwards their shity watered down piss day in and day out and wishes for nothign more than for a change

brutas before the war was a ratehr successful stand up comdiean until it all happened and it was all ripped away from him he lost his wife and son that night they attacked the capital and only lived himself cause he was out of town at the time preforming at another city everything has changed for him sense then all laughter he hears mocks him and every smile he sees is one full of venom

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